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Klipdrift Export Brandy 1l

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Only once the FINEST QUALITY GRAPES are harvested, can the legendary brandy-making process begin. From boiler to distillation, maturation to blending – each stage plays a vital role in creating what’s known as the ‘Heart of Gold’ in every drop of Klipdrift.

Klipdrift Export is a brandy worthy of its status as a SOUTH AFRICAN ICON.

Skilfully distilled and left to mature in French Oak for three years, its rich array of flavours with complex tastes and aromas create what is celebrated today as pure liquid gold.


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GTIN: 6001496010607

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  1. very nice taste, FIL was very happy

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  2. after years still a great drink. great quality and good taste

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  3. very bitter🤣🤣 so try having it with coke, or just dash it.

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  4. fantastic flavors and size is really good. lasted a night or 2.

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  5. It is my brand and i love it

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